Random Panel: Great moments in random setups


(From "Master Comics" number 52, 1944.)

13 Responses to Random Panel: Great moments in random setups

  1. What the hell is wrong with his eyes? He’s scaring me.

  2. Those are his — I am not making this up — “Radar Eyes”. I know, random. They’re like a combination of X-Rays and clairvoyance, neither of which is anything like actual radar, but hey, it was the Forties. Anything went.

  3. How are we supposed to know where he left his mustache? He’s the one with the radar eyes.

  4. Random? Why this happened to me a few days ago!

  5. Nothing says superpowers like the ability to yodel.

  6. @Remy: Losing your mustache or practicing your yodel?

  7. he has Yuongblood’s syndrome!!! RUN!

  8. opps! that’s Youngblood’s, not yuongblood’s

  9. Wait, that’s not his mustache around his eyes?

  10. @Loki: Actually, he appears to have the exact opposite of Youngblood’s. Instead of having no pupils, he ONLY has pupils…

  11. @Gero: Both!

  12. Your “mustache”(if that’s what you want to call it. not much of one), couldn’t stand the smell of your nose, so it headed north and is now around the under area of your eyes.