Character Contest 24: Super enemies

After a two week break for the holidays, it's time once again for a character design contest!

Only this time, your challenge is to develop a bad guy! Come up with the best enemy for an established character, explaining who the person is and how they're related to the main character, and you'll win either a portrait or any item you like to be included in HeroMachine 3.

As an example, you might come up with a new Bulletman villain named "Kevlar" (he stops bullets!). Or a Spider-Man villain named "The Boot" (see, he squishes spiders).

You get the idea. The villain you come up with should be tied to a published super-hero in some way.

To recap, the rules are:

  • All entries must be posted as a comment to this post, including a link to an image of the character on a publicly accessible web site (something like PhotoBucket or ImageShack or the UGO Forums) along with a name and explanation of who his arch rival is;
  • As many entries as you want, but they can't have been entered into an HM contest before;
  • No image editing in PhotoShop-like applications except for basic cropping.

All submissions are due by next Monday night at midnight, with results posted on Tuesday.

Good luck everyone!

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