Random Panel: Luckily this ship’s full of seamen!


(From "America's Best Comics" number 1, 1941.)

6 Responses to Random Panel: Luckily this ship’s full of seamen!

  1. I’m guessing Torpedo Man the Human Torpedo was successful in his attack.

  2. That is one small mantle…

  3. “I’ll be surrounded by seamen. Sperm whales and seamen. Oh, look, a swallow!”

    Lol Family guy rules 😀

  4. And now, Family Guy’s parody of “Captain of the Pinafore”:

    Stewie: I’m the greatest captain of the queen’s navy
    Sailors: And your record will stand as proof.
    Stewie: Be it galleon or freighter,
    I’m an expert navigator.
    Sailors: And you’re also a world class poof.
    Stewie: My manner quite effete
    Is mistaken on the street
    For a sailor who can pirouette on cue.
    Well despite your point of view,
    I can thrill a girl or two…
    But I’d rather get it on with you!
    Sailors: Ha Ha Ha!

  5. I think I heard the same line in a movie starring Jenna James, once. It was a romance, as I recall…

  6. as long it’s a BIG hole!