A couple of weeks ago Martian Blue posted a character holding a truly amazing hand-crafted electric guitar. He was kind enough to put together a guide on how to make your own guitar from bits and pieces in HM3, which I really appreciate. Hopefully it'll help others see how to make their own creations, as well. Thanks Martian Blue!

7 Responses to Gui-Tar-HE-ro

  1. Great job, I’ll have to try it out.

  2. Nice! It’s so detailed! I held up my guitar to it and it’s perfect!

  3. Wow. This must have taken a while, Martian Blue.

  4. Simple as that, huh?

  5. Wow! freakin awesome! Major props to you Martian Blue!

  6. Hope you all enjoy it, and thanks again Jeff for sharing it with everyone.

  7. Wow! really nice job there. Now if we only had a drum set to go with it. i kind of want to make a superhero music band lol.