Random Panel: Because Pittsburgh=civilization


(From "Captain Video" number 2, 1951.)

6 Responses to Random Panel: Because Pittsburgh=civilization

  1. “My God, captain, it’s horrible! Civilization as we know it is at an end!”

    “Relax, we’re just passing through Detroit.”

  2. Ahhh, Detroit, the only thing in existance that would look better after a nuclear war.

  3. …you’ve spoiled us with Bulletman, Jeff

  4. [Reality Check:] Pittsburgh IS under martial law.

  5. This comic seems to be almost as ripe for the pickings as Bulletman. All the random panels from it on here say they’re from issue #2, which means that Captain Video must be chock full of funny panels…

  6. Why just read the comics when you can see … CAPTAIN VIDEO AND HIS VIDEO RACERS in video?

    Brought to you by those swell tasting candy bars Powerhouse.