Random Panel: Great moments in battle cries


(From "Bulletman" number 9, 1942.)

13 Responses to Random Panel: Great moments in battle cries

  1. “Then I’ll give you such a pinch!”

  2. Bulletgirl was too busy slapping the villain silly to notice the ninja tank sneaking up behind her! Watch out Bulletgirl!

  3. What is WRONG with this woman?!?

  4. Yeah. Yeah. But is that like some kinda psi-power she’s got? I mean , the big baddie just squeeeked like a leeetle girl, right? Better than a “stern talkin’ to”.

  5. Hey, Jeff & Pals, do ya think we’d get in legal trouble if we posted our own HM versions of Bulletgirl? I mean, she’s supposed to be in public domain right? And we’ve all been having such fun at the poor woman’s expense. 🙂

  6. Yeah, well, whaddaya expect? It’s not like she could remember her more fearsome battle cry…whatever that was…

  7. Yah, we could use the new companion vehicles to put a ninja tank sneeking up on her!

  8. Holy crap, I just spelled “sneaking” wrong!

  9. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Actually, I think she’s still the Intellectual Property of Warner Communications, along with Billy Batson, and the rest of the Fawcett City crew…

  10. @William. Thanks for the heads up. I will refrain from posting my version.

  11. I don’t think that’s right, WillyPete, like with the Green Lama and the other characters of the area, they lapsed into the public domain. From the Wikipedia page:

    “However, the characters lapsed into public domain prior to the said acquisition, which would later allow AC Comics to reprint their Golden Age adventures.”

  12. “Silly is as silly does”. Gumps momma.

  13. My City of Heroes toon the Obvious Drag Queen, whose battle cry is “I’ma scratch your eyes out, Missy!”, has this to say: “An oldie but a goody. You go Bulletgirl!”