Random Panel: Rapture indeed


(Taken from ComicallyVintage.Tumblr.Com, no credit given there for the original source.)

8 Responses to Random Panel: Rapture indeed

  1. Is that kind of like the Great Pumpkin for a more, um, female-anatomically-inclined demographic?

  2. Hmm. For some reason, I thought the rapturers would leave their clothes behind with their other earthly belongings. I guess that comes later.

  3. ……so THATS what god looks like….

  4. “Great” Hell, I’d settle for an ordinary one.

  5. Avatar dementedtheclown

    I’ve Seen Greater

  6. I love how the guy saying it is staring directly at the blonde in the foreground as he says it….

  7. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Well it must be a pretty spectacular snatch to be attracting men and women alike.

  8. Wonderful how the four-eyed dork on the left is utterly clueless when he comes across a hip and happening luau; whilst the studly young blond with the swinging afro knows great snatch when he sees it. Priceless.