Character Contest 16: Progression

We're all familiar with the way characters are "revamped" from time to time, with their original costumes and character backgrounds being radically revised to suit a more modern audience. The most classic cases came when DC took its stable of pre-existing "Golden Age" characters and ushered in a new "Silver Age":


Your challenge for this week -- and it is going to be a challenge, I readily admit that -- will to be the same. Give us two designs for the same character concept, one that was (supposedly) introduced in the Golden Age and then its modern reinterpretation. You can either post the images separately, or put them together like I did above.

You have one week, starting today and ending next Tuesday. All entries must be left as links to an image or images in the comments to this post, and all images must be 100% HeroMachine-generated. The winner will get to choose either any item he or she wants, or their caricature, put into HeroMachine 3 for all to see and love.

Good luck everyone, I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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