DragonCon update

This rivals anything I have ever seen ... The geekage goes to eleven ...

7 Responses to DragonCon update

  1. I wanna be there!!!

  2. Geek on!!!

  3. Man, I haven’t been to a Con in years…

  4. Hey Jeff you forgot to stop by and pick up Me and Isia.

  5. I’ve never been to any con for anything.

  6. Yep, a con can be nuts. I remember when I went to Animazement, that was fun… ended up spending all my money on day one just for the room and the registration without getting change from either (would’ve been $20, plenty to live on for the weekend). But, volunteering led me in the right direction, got paid, got fed by friends, got to look at plenty of skimpy-dressed cosplay cuties… one of the best weekends ever ^_^

  7. I’ve only been to the MCM Expo in London with my friends, not exactly the same thing but it was the most fun I had in my life so far.