Caption Contest 60!

You have a mission -- replace the blank dialog in this comic book panel with your own funnitude and win the right to choose any item you like (within reason) or a caricature of your head to be included in HeroMachine 3!


The rules are simple:

  1. Keep it clean, appropriate for a prime-time broadcast network program;
  2. Only three entries per person;
  3. All entries must be left as a comment to this post.

That's it! You have one week -- next Tuesday I'll announce the winner right here at

Good luck!

(Image and characters ©2009, DC Comics, Inc., from "Wednesday Comics" number 8, "Metal Men" chapter, by Dan Didio and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.)

65 Responses to Caption Contest 60!


  2. “I know I’m bald, no need to rub it in!”

    “Jeez. Forget one too many anniversaries and it all goes downhill from there!”

    “Honey, where is that fist going?”

  3. “Sorry to interupt but, HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!”

  4. 1) Ok, ok, I’m sorry. You have a lovely tan.
    2) I swear this is my necklace!

  5. “No. Stop. Don’t suck the color out of me!”

    [Spoofing ‘The More You Know’ commercials from NBC]
    “Remember this kids. Cheating on your superhero girlfriend. Not a good idea.”

    “Crap! What was the safety word?! Bur.. Chal..? Tac..? Taco! TACO! TAAACCOOO!”

  6. “Save me David Letterman! It’s me! Paul Schaffer! She’s trying to take my necklace!”

  7. 1: your puny threads aren’t a match for Doctor Dev….ummmmmmm help…
    2: Now might not be the time to mention couples therapy…
    3: I swear, i had nothing to do with you botox injection.

  8. “I meant that outfit makes your butt look big in a good way”

  9. “Now I know for sure not to piss my supervillian girlfriend off.”

  10. “I swear I don’t know were those panties in the back seat came from, I thought they were yours.”

  11. Ok, fine, yours is much more delicious than my moms!!!

  12. Does this mean I’m sleeping on the couch tonight?

  13. 1. That’s the last time I ask “What can I get for an extra $20.”

    2. I see a little silhouetto of a man…Scaramouche,Scaramouche, will you do tha fandango.

    3. This week on “Wife Swap”

  14. 1. “Jocasta? But I thought you were a -good- guy?!”

    2. “Huge…hand…crushing…brain…!”

    3. “What are you waiting for? Saaaaave meeeee!”

  15. 1. Honey I just don’t think you’re doing my scalp massage right.

    2. Yes, yes I confess! I was the one that ate the last cheesy puff!

    3. But Debra, I don’t wanna post Character Contest 16!

  16. Thank you Viagra.

  17. Honey…please can’t we talk about this? PLEASE?!

    Ok, ok, I’ll be nice when your mother is in town but if she says one more thing about how ugly our babies will look…

    –I mean I LOVE your new pigment or lack thereof!

  18. Clearly, I above all am ineligible to enter, but if I could, here’s what I would have put in:

    “This is the WORST toupee I have ever had!”

  19. ok ok ill meet your parents!!

  20. 1:
    im sorry that i cant get the phone right now because im all tied up

    2. Aaahh!!! not another episode of the view

    3. I thought i was going to play as Indiana Jones

  21. im sorry i didnt know she was your sister!!

  22. fine fine you are a good cook…ill eat the chicken!

  23. Avatar William A. Peterson

    “Really, Officer…
    This ISN’T what it looks like!
    I can explain!”


  25. “Did I leave the oven on?!”

  26. 1. “Well I may be tied up but at lest it can- AAAAAAAAHHH YOU’VE STOLEN MY HAIR!!!”



  27. 1) You know phrenology went out of fashion long long ago.

    2) Honey let’s not play Gerald’s game.

    3)Yes Honey, I’ll go feed the donkey’s.

  28. 1.) I know what your about to ask, How did I get myself into this mess? Well, I have an answer.. and it’s really good… but first I have to ask you a question, How do I get myself out?

    2.) Please Metalena, I was just about to post you Cutesy-Wutzey Bunny entry as an honorable mention in the Sewer Mutant character contest, I swear!!!

    3.) Fat Chicks… That’s all I’ve got to say… No more hardbodies for me!

  29. 01 – Your mother and I are very proud of you.

    02 – …Okay…okay…now SQUEEZE. Oh. O god. Yes.

    03 – I don’t believe it. She’s wearing the same thing as me.

  30. 1. I’m starting to enjoy this!

    2. Dear God in Heaven, please tell me she applied enough lubricant!

    3. My head isn’t the only thing she shaved!

  31. I believe you about the dolphins, but really, I’ve NEVER been able to see those 3-D posters, no matter how I focus.

  32. I shall hereby marry this woman, to love and cherish her in sickness and in health…

  33. You’re right, honey! Sex and the City IS a great show!

  34. 1: Okay, okay, but tell me again what bondage means.

    I decided to put this one on it’s own because it’s dodgy and I don’t mind if you delete it.

  35. The Internet… it’s watching us!

  36. i’m never going to do computer dating again

  37. 1. NOOOOOO!!!!! I won’t look at it… GAH! No… more… LIEFELD!

    2. I’m…. BALD?!

  38. Mom was right. Body jewelry WAS a bad idea.

  39. Noooooo! I’m a grown man! Don’t make me watch Twilight!

  40. Well, if *I* don’t get to be Chrome-Dome, then I’m keeping the necklace! Ahh! Stop punching me in the neck!!

  41. 1) For the love of God, no more! I can’t take one more minute of Saved by the Bell reruns!

    2) Disney bought Marvel?! Seriously?!

    Mr. Q

  42. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    1. My God! I never realised what a monster I’d become. I swear, I won’t direct Transformers 3.

    2. …Promise me your fist is lubricated!

    3. Please stop before we break the fourth wall!



  45. “Okay! Okay! Favre looks great in any NFL Helmet!”

  46. “I see the wrinkles now! I’ll get the Botox!

  47. “Honey, I swear I looked on that shelf. The cable cord was not there!”

  48. 1. Stay tuned! We’ll be right back after these commercials!
    2. I really think I should try a REAL toupee.
    3. Boy it’s times like these I wish I wasn’t colorblind.

  49. Oh damn you Jeff! You stole my toupee idea ahead of time!

    2. OK! I admit! You DO have what it takes to work in a rodeo.

  50. I knew there was a catch!

  51. 1) Yes! I used your eyeshadow! I already said I was sorry!
    2) [Star Trek homage] There… are… FOUR lights!

  52. 3) Okay, okay, I confess! I AM A HIPSTER!

  53. 1. “NO, not the Teletubbies!”

    2. “Oh my god, I’m bald!”

    3. “What did you tie me up with?”

  54. “Deal or no deal?”
    “Alright, open briefcase number 13!”
    “I’m kidding! You made a great decision, honest!”
    “I didn’t know she was your sister!”
    “You ruined my slinky!”
    “Please don’t make me watch Twilight again!”

  55. Also…
    “Let me go, and I’ll call the banker back, I promise!”

  56. 1. “Margaret Thatcher! My God! When they called you the Iron Lady, they weren’t joking!”

    2 “OK! I promise not to make any more Iron Maiden jokes!”

    3. “Alright! Alright! ‘I, Michael Rosenbaum, do hereby swear that I will renew my Smallville contract forthwith!’ Now can you let me go?”

  57. Supervillain, apply directly to the forehead! Supervillain, apply directly to the forehead! Supervillain, apply directly to the forehead!

  58. Just a reminder–three entries only for Caption contests.

  59. 1. Remember kids. WhatEVER you do, DON’T get married…wait, I was just kidding honey…AAAH!

    2. Applied directly to the forhead, the inflat-a-hero can be deployed at a moments notice to simulate being apprehended by a real hero. Great for when being chased by a real hero. Also comes in Captain America, and the Thing!

  60. 3) Is it because I over-cooked the roast?!

  61. Avatar Montana Player

    1. On this weeks episode of “Cheaters”…
    2. Ok already, I’m staring into the abyss!
    3. Next time I better read the damn directions for my Build-a-Date.

  62. NO! I will NOT give you my secret recipe for cheesy meatloaf!!!

  63. Our Anniversary is June 17th! It was the happiest day of my life ! Our Anniversary is June 17th ! It was the happiest day of my life ! Our Anniversary is June 17th ! It was the happiest day of my life !

  64. “So that’s it eh, darling? All this kinky SM foreplay, merely to eventually trick me and wear new glasses!! Well, no way I’m changing my mind anyway: I WANT LENS!!!!”