Random Panel: Just … wrong


(From "Amazing Man" number 23, 1941.)

10 Responses to Random Panel: Just … wrong

  1. Avatar JimminyCrockpot

    Happy Birthday, Tommy! You’re about to be manhandled by Amazing Man! Coulda hadda V8, boyyy!

  2. Avatar JimminyCrockpot

    (mean ol’ sister)

  3. Hakoon’s real name is Tommy, wow, I would have never of guessed that he was in a comic. JK lol 🙂

  4. Did people ever really talk like this?

  5. The proof is there, Cavalier.
    Just remember, “Bad” is the opposite of “Good”.

  6. ….is Tommy somehow a fish-boy?

  7. HK, that was brilliant! LOL

  8. Also, why is that man wearing woman’s underwear; and what appears to be part of a bondage set?

  9. If you’ll notice, Tommy’s actually looking at his sister, not Amazing Man. …So whose muscles is he actually admiring? 😀

  10. @HK: Child abuse!!!