Random Panel: Just … wrong


(From "Amazing Man" number 23, 1941.)

10 Responses to Random Panel: Just … wrong

  1. JimminyCrockpot

    Happy Birthday, Tommy! You’re about to be manhandled by Amazing Man! Coulda hadda V8, boyyy!

  2. JimminyCrockpot

    (mean ol’ sister)

  3. Hakoon’s real name is Tommy, wow, I would have never of guessed that he was in a comic. JK lol 🙂

  4. Did people ever really talk like this?

  5. The proof is there, Cavalier.
    Just remember, “Bad” is the opposite of “Good”.

  6. ….is Tommy somehow a fish-boy?

  7. HK, that was brilliant! LOL

  8. Also, why is that man wearing woman’s underwear; and what appears to be part of a bondage set?

  9. If you’ll notice, Tommy’s actually looking at his sister, not Amazing Man. …So whose muscles is he actually admiring? 😀

  10. @HK: Child abuse!!!