Poll Position: Disney Marvel Crossover Action!

In honor of the news today about Disney's pending four billion dollar acquisition of Marvel Entertainment, we bring you the following "What If?" style Poll Position question:


I've left it open for you to submit your own answers, so keep it clean. And funny!

I think we can dispense with the usual chin-scratching and blow-by-blow analysis on this one and just enjoy the fun of it, so have at it in the comments!

20 Responses to Poll Position: Disney Marvel Crossover Action!

  1. I can see the new x-men now. Mickey as Cyclops, Minnie as Jean Grey, Daisy as Rogue, Goofy as Wolverine.

  2. I’m imagining the potential horror of a Scrooge McDuck / Kingpin crossover – Kingpin gets to thinking “Hey, that no-pants wearing duck might have the right idea…”

    Can you imagine the sheer mind-numbing creeping terror of a pantsless Kingpin?

  3. lol@Imp! Man, the mind boggles …

  4. I wonder if I could draw that with HM… nah, I might break the internet. πŸ˜€

  5. Positives: Animatronics make Life Model Decoys more life-like, EuroDisney is moved to Latveria, truly making it the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

    Negatives: Now called the X-Mousekateers

  6. I hope Howard puts some quack fu on Donald.

  7. I want to see Namor smash that mermaid’s face in!

  8. how’bout Tony Stark takes Herby and makes a few “modifications”?

  9. *Herbie
    I can’t manage to add the answer, so i’d appreciate it if someone would.

  10. Snow White and the Seven Samurai vs. Six From Sirius!
    Jiminy Cricket vs. Galactus!!
    Aracde takes over Mickey’s Magic Castle!
    S.H.I.E.L.D. annexes Goof Troop!
    GizmoDuck and Darkwing Duck do to the Mandarin anf Fin Fang Foom what Iron Man and War Machine never DREAMED of….

    the possibilities are endless….

  11. Donald borrows Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor and finally, once and for all, takes that miserable mouse OUT!

  12. Launchpad McQuack vs. Iron Man

  13. The Deadpool before Christmas would be amazing. I wonder if it’sjustsomerandomguy on youtube could make this for us. He does a good Deadpool.

  14. I wanna see what Deapool can do with a tangle of Christmas lights and a spur-of-the-moment flaming flying reindeer attack!!
    X-Force takes on G-Force!
    Rocket-Raccoon retires to Hundred-Acre Wood!
    The Punisher goes huntin’ for Bambi!
    Sabretooth vs. Simba!
    What if Aladdin was given semi-phenomenal-nearly-cosmic-powers by a blue genie to take on a giant purple world eater?

  15. all (or at least the most famous one) the marvel villains fight all the Disney villains! i don’t know what would happen but i do know that aint no crazy witch gonna stand a chance against wolfies claws! or magnito could fight the iron giant LOL it woundnt be much of a fight though…

  16. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Reprise of “Bambi vs. Godzilla”, only make the foot humanoid, and purple, and call it “Bambi vs. Galactus”!

  17. I would pay good money to see “The Fantastic Four vs The Incredibles”! That would be great!

    Love a lot of the replies on here. πŸ™‚

  18. The first thing that pops into my mind is the Disney/Pixar stuff cross-over potential.
    Imagine the Sentinels cracking down on the Incredibles …
    maybe Buzz Lightyear versus Iron Man …
    or, how about the look on Ghost Rider’s face as ‘Mater rides past.

  19. I agree with Collex. Youtube’s itsjustsomerandomguy really SHOULD make a Deadpool before christmas video. His Deadpool is excellent!

  20. The Incredibles versus The Fantastic Four could actually work:

    Human Torch versus Jack-Jack

    Sue Storm vs. Violet Parr

    Elastigirl vs. Mr. Fantastic

    Ben Grimm vs. Mr. Incredible