Random Panel: The Batmobile it ain’t


(From "The Blue Beetle" number 13, 1942.)

10 Responses to Random Panel: The Batmobile it ain’t

  1. “Man, this wartime rationing is really a pain!”

  2. Well, he doesn’t fear embarrassment, anyway.

  3. I wanna know how he got that radio flyer to fly like that towards the minininjerks.

  4. Oh, I get it! It’s a Volkswagen Beetle!

  5. :-), DB!

    Take down those Japanazis, Beetle!!

  6. Avatar Black Griffin

    so your telling me that if i dress all in blue and sit in a wagon i can run people over? AND not only that but be called a superhero TOO???

  7. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Well, he did have Super Strength, so I suppose he could have propelled the Wagon that way…
    but, yeah, it’s a touch silly!

  8. Avatar Dan Gonzalez


  9. Y’know, maybe we’re being too hard on him. I mean, if I was a super-strong hero about to beat up on a bunch of regular joes, I might want to inject a little fun into the situation too. If you were playing a GTA game, and a little red wagon was a mode of transport you could use, would it not be terribly tempting to use it to bowl people over?

  10. I think he is watching too much “Fast and Furious – Tokyo Drift”…