Hammerknight Recipes 2: Facing the music

I'm happy to post the following "recipes" about constructing faces from Hammerknight, whom you probably recognize from his many inspired contest entries. Thanks for putting this together, Hammerknight! -- Jeff

10 Responses to Hammerknight Recipes 2: Facing the music

  1. Hammerknight says:

    Thanks Jeff. I hope that these tips will come in handy.

  2. darkvatican says:

    Cool stuff, HK!

  3. The Imp says:

    Nice job, HK.

  4. Legatus says:

    Awesome work!

  5. Hakoon1 says:

    Good Stuff!

  6. RSC5 says:

    This was very enlightening! If you would care to make a tutorial regarding backgrounds and objects patched together with insignias and such, it would be greatly appreciated. Cobbling stuff together on your own is incredibly tedious after awhile.

  7. Jeff Hebert says:

    I should work on some sort of system where people can share collections like that online, so you could load them right into the app with your other stuff. That would be cool.

  8. Hammerknight says:

    I was planing to do backgrounds here soon.

    @Jeff that would be nice.

  9. RSC5 says:

    @Jeff: That would be awesome. You know, I didn’t understand why everyone would get so excited when you would released random shape, insignia, or effect sets that weren’t clothes and accessories. Now I understand what to use them for!

  10. Mike says:

    Hey i was hopeing for a flykicking and other fight poses i been trying to figure it out with no luck on makeing it look right