Random Panel: I bet it’s that hot cape


(From "Exciting Comics" number 3, 1944.)

(From "Blazing Comics" number 3, 1944.)

8 Responses to Random Panel: I bet it’s that hot cape

  1. Avatar Xstacy says:

    Wun Too? Really?

    “I am Wun Too!”
    “One what?”
    “Wun Too!”
    “What is this, an Abbott and Costello routine?”

  2. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Xstacy always makes me laugh, that’s a very funny comment (as usual).

  3. Avatar Xstacy says:

    I’m flattered!

    I wanted to work in the phrase “givin’ them the ol’ Wun Too” also, but the post would have been too long….

  4. Avatar Jose Inoa says:

    Exiting Comics delivers once again!!!

    (What Won Too is excited about if that Green turtle only wears a cape and cowl….) EXCITEMENT, indeed..

  5. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    Actually I screwed up, this was in “Blazing Comics” number 3, from 1944. Oops! It IS very exciting, though.

  6. Avatar Jose Inoa says:

    The Green Turtle is BLAZING HOT!!!

  7. Avatar Frankie says:

    Wun Too: “A chance to coax the turtle out of it’s shell.”