Poll Position: Tony unleashed, DCU style

Collex's poll question last week was so good, I'm running it again but for the DC Universe of characters instead:


Thoughts after the jump.

  • Aquaman: You know Aquaman needs help. I know Aquaman needs help. Hell, Aquaman knows Aquaman needs help. Clearly no one in the DC Universe is going to provide it, however, so maybe this is a good choice. I like to think Stark would base the armor on the hero's power set, and I think you could do a lot for Aquaman. Like, you know, letting him stay out of the YMCA swimming pool for more than an hour at a time.
  • Batman: On the one hand, Batman with Iron Man armor is a no-brainer. On the other hand, you don't ask a medieval knight to go on a ninja mission in full plate, and Batman's a lot more of a ninja than he is Sir Gawain. For instance, Batman would have sliced the Green Knight's head clean off and not thought twice about it, without making the stupid deal in the first place. But I digress. Giving Bruce this armor would kind of defeat the point of hte character, in my opinion, and wouldn't be very much fun.
  • Black Canary: Unless we're talking iron fishnet hose, forget it. No. Step away from the full-concealment clothing. STEP AWAY ... !
  • Green Arrow: Like Hawkeye in the last poll, robbing Oliver Queen of his one skill -- shooting a bow -- and replacing it with a laser-guided targeting system would make him even more useless. No.
  • Lobo: Lobo would probably eat the armor before he'd wear it, but if you could convince him it might give him a chance against Superman, he'd probably take it. After killing you for suggesting he couldn't take Superman on his own, of course.
  • Lois Lane: Like Aunt May, surely the DC heroes are tired of rescuing this woman by now. Give her some armor and tell her to take care of her own self already.
  • Mister Miracle: I have the feeling Miracle Man would laugh at the idea that anything created by an Earthling could match the tech he as access to from the New Gods. I do like imagining the scene where Tony's trying to train him on the armor though. "Now Scott, if you try to move your left index finger you'll see ... " "TA DAAA! I got out of it again, no way this can hold me!" "Sigh."
  • Nightwing: I like this idea. Dick Grayson's always been in need of something that would let him step out of Bruce's shadow, and a suit of customized power armor might be just the ticket. He's never been the grim ninja that Batman is, and I think letting him have some real kick-ass power would be kind of cool.

So looking through the list, I'd probably have to go with Nightwing. It has the most story-telling potential and could take the character in a whole new direction. On the other hand, I'd like to see Lois rip Lex Luthor's stupid green and purple suit to shreds and kick his bald ass some time.

Who would you choose? And thanks again for the suggestion, Collex!

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