Random Panel: Super-anatomical problems you rarely consider


(From “Dynamo 5″, number 20, ©2009, Jay Faerber and Mahmud Asrar.)

9 Responses to Random Panel: Super-anatomical problems you rarely consider

  1. Avatar Joshua says:

    Not that guys wouldn’t mind…

  2. Avatar DJ says:

    So wait…she is MEANT to be a parody of huge chested super-heroines?

  3. Avatar Jeff hebert says:

    Oh yes, very much so. It’s very intentional and very funny.

  4. Avatar Skiriki says:

    I laughed. Hard. 😀

  5. Avatar Richard Tale says:

    She officially became my favourite heroine.

  6. Avatar Frankie says:

    Looks like she has a football under her outfit.

  7. Avatar Frankie says:

    Or Stewie Griffin’s head.

  8. Avatar Cavalier says:

    War Chest here reminds me of a silly cartoon from my childhood. Tanszor Z or something. It involved giant, fighting robots. There was a ‘female’ robot with, I kid you not, breast missiles! “Missile Fire!” and off goes a boob. It was unreal. It may go without say that it was Japanese.

  9. Avatar The Imp says:

    @Cavalier: I remember that too!