Random Panel: Recession-proof job descriptions


(Image ©1992, Marc Silvestri, from "Cyberforce" #1.)

7 Responses to Random Panel: Recession-proof job descriptions

  1. “KRAKLZZTSS”, the new mockumentary on 21st century economics by Quentin Tarantino. Rated NC-57.

  2. That’s quite the mouthful of teeth the dude’s got there. Looks like he’s got some sort of prosthetic dental device crammed in there.

  3. He’s not paid to think, but he IS paid to floss!

  4. Well whatever he IS paid for, it certainly can’t be enough to pay for whatever mutant-specialist dentist he has to see.

  5. At least he holds his gun properly…

  6. Maybe they’re paying him to do that… Liefeld’s character’s certainly can’t do it…

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