Random Panel: "Aye aye, General Nopants."


9 Responses to Random Panel: "Aye aye, General Nopants."

  1. I…



    Words fail me. Truly.

  2. That’s Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) on the far right. I’ve got sharper eyes than Steve Trevor – I’ll bet he went the whole issue seeing through her disguises thanks to a glowing ring but didn’t notice when she got the job as his secretary.

  3. I’ll bet he is NOT looking for a few good men 🙂

  4. Niall-Don’t ask don’t tell!

  5. Um,….. Jeff will probably delete my comment again.

  6. aaannd, cue the 70’s porn music!

  7. I wonder what the position is?


    Reverse Cowgirl?

    Will we ever find out?

  8. Given the importance of the oral exam…I’m gonna say the position is number 69.

  9. @Xstacy LOL!