I’m not saying Adam Warlock is getting smushed by a giant stone vagina here:


I’m just saying, if you’re NOT getting smushed by a giant stone vagina, you’ve got no business going “KARRUNT” with those kinds of visual effects on it.

Also, I would pay cash money for a comic book featuring as its main character a Thing-like ambulatory pile of hard-hitting stone genitalia. Because that would be awesome.

About Jeff Hebert

Jeff is a 45 year old city boy who has somehow found himself located in Colorado, fulfilling his lifetime dream of making a living drawing super-heroes all day.

4 Responses to KARRUNT

  1. But… like, that’s “Awesome Andy”, ain’t it? And a further query, is the ever-lovin’ Thing’s genitalia… rock(s)?.

  2. William A. Peterson

    Jeff, one of these days, you really ought to let your mind out of the gutter…
    At least long enough for it to catch a breath of fresh air!

  3. I’m pretty sure that after almost 40 years it’s too late for me. Save yourselves, though, SAVE YOURSELVES!!

  4. Screw that!

    The gutter is much nicer then the real world.