Random Panel: Sneak preview of the next great Aquaman story arc


(From โ€œSuper Mystery Comicsโ€, Vol. 1, No. 6, 1941.)

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  1. The only funny thing I thought to say about that you already did…


    For the cover caption “The Ocean Just Got Saltier!”

  2. Bwaa-hah-haa!! Choking the chicken o’ the sea…

  3. Wow, times really were more innocent back then.

  4. Good ones, DJ and Jose!


  6. Jeff, send this one to Superdickery– STAT! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. “and thus, Aqualad learned about the birds and bees of the sea…”

  8. Avatar William A. Peterson

    You guys might want to look up the actual definition of the word “Seacock” before you get all juvenile about it!

  9. Now Willie, have you ever known us to wait before getting all juvenile about ANYTHING? Pish!

    I also want you to know how much self restraint it took for me not to say “So you’re recommending we not go off half-cocked?”

  10. Jeff: Half-cocked? Isn’t that what John Bobbitt is now?

  11. Don’t be so cocksure I haven’t looked it up. heh

  12. Okay, I’ll play. What exactly is a sea cock, and why do ships have them? The only times I ever run across the word, somebody is using them to sink a perfectly good ship. You’d think that would be a bad idea, but they still keep building them that way. I could look it up, but live answers are always better.

  13. A “sea cock” is any opening in a ship designed to let water in or out. This includes water for coolant, flushing, or draining the bilge. I suppose it could also include a diver’s hatch or part of the ballast tanks on a submarine.

    The point it, it controls water coming in to and out of the ship. The word ‘cock’ is used in the same sense as ‘cocking’ a gun – a reference to the opening and closing.

    Is my library degree showing?

  14. We’re not here to learn anything, people, we’re here to giggle like second graders whenever anyone says anything that is even vaguely dirty.

    I tell ya, being juvenile gets harder and harder every year.

    Oh, wait, I said “hard” … ::giggle:: See? It’s easy if you really, really try.

  15. So, are there any aircocks? I know planes have cockpits…so you need to fill the pit with something.