Zombie cop

From the new Zombie Creator (no launch date yet, not that I'm very good at predicting those), I present "Zombie Mall Cop":


He's no Kevin James, but I think he's adorable. Aside from the brains and blood dribbling down his chin, of course, but you can't have everything when it comes to hiring low-priced security for your retail establishment.

13 Responses to Zombie cop

  1. The hair really doesn’t work for me. I picture mall cops as having Marine-wannabe buzz cuts.

  2. Ah, but that’s BEFORE they become zombies!

  3. wth kind of mall was he protecting to be needing a chainsaw,gun AND katana…

    hehe…if you had some patches he can be Rob Liefeld Zombie.

  4. and by patches I of course mean pouches.

    that zombie would starve if I were the only human around.

  5. Zombie creator? Jeff, you are my god.

  6. Hey Jeff, A suggestion, “IF” (and I know its a Big If} you have the time to do so, I would suggest a completely Fantasy HM Mini. The reason I suggest this is some as to develop a nice selection of Fantasy items to include in HM 3. I think developing a Fantasy Mini will let you make all the fantasy elements mesh together in a cohesive whole.

  7. ZOmbie Mini? Good. But where is the Horror one? Wasn’t he supposed to release in December? Or have I missed it?

  8. The Horror one hasn’t launched yet, the holidays delayed the client approval process. Hopefully soon, though.

  9. After years of torment, torture, and loss, Police Commissioner James Gordon finally enacted his vengeance on The Joker. Authorities later found the giggling sociopath walking a beat around Gotham Plaza Mall; he was mumbling about nude Bea Arthur photos and something about Star Wars thesp., Mark Hamill. More at 11.

  10. I think the perspective is off on the chainsaw. With that hand, shouldn’t the blade go out to the zombie’s right, instead of ours?

  11. I think you’re probably right, Bael. Of course the beauty of the new toolset is you can just hit “Flip” and you’re right as rain!

  12. It looks great nice hero or villian

  13. I bet that guard protects mainly Hot Topic.