Caption Contest 39 Winner

With many thanks to our honored Guest Judge Jeff Rients (whose blog you really should make a regular read if you like gaming, creativity, or coolness), the winner of Caption Contest 39 is ... Skulan!


Jeff wanted to be sure to mention the following entries as also being "laugh-out-loud funny":

  • Skulan: "Damn. I should have picked surrender"
  • Settembrini: I should quit while I´m still ahead"
  • Whit: "Just call me Shishka Bob."

I see Jeff shares my love of good puns which, contrary to popular opinion, is not an oxymoron. It was great working with him; I've admired his blog for a long time and clearly he can bring it on caption contests too. Thanks again, Jeff!

There were a record number of entries for this one, and almost all of them were of a very high quality, so Skulan's win is most impressive. He'll get a free custom black and white illustration from yours truly of whatever he likes (within reason). If you didn't win, don't fret, Caption Contest 40 is going on right now, so put on the Funny Hat (not the one you got arrested in, the other one) and head on over for your chance at your own custom drawing!