Random Panel: Tess McGill, STD Warrior!


5 Responses to Random Panel: Tess McGill, STD Warrior!

  1. Next time on Tess McGill, STD Warrior: Tess and the gang battle it out with the Chlamydia Collective!

    Tess: “Burn me while I pee, will ya?” she says, hoisting a Remington R311 flamethrower– “Thermo”– into the crook of her arm and unleashing 7000 degrees of liquid fire into the crowd while “Fire” by the Ohio Players blares throughout the now charring background.

  2. Next she could fight the evil Count Chancre’s insanity-inducing syphilis spirals.

    A storyline arc like that would be both entertaining and educational.

  3. She looks like the Phantom of the Opera in that picture.

  4. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    Is that panel from Aliens: Hive?

  5. STD its easy as 1 2 3!