Caption Contest 37: A Thanksgiving pie of … ?

I don't know what's going on in this panel, but someone is sure excited about it.


Come up with the best dialog for the missing balloon and you'll win your very own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like from professional drawing-type-person, Jeff Hebert! With Thanksgiving this week, I thought this was an appropriately warm domestic scene to throw at you, so we can then proceed to defile it with our juvenile, biting, sarcastic, and probably disgusting humor. Good times!

As always, no more than three entries, left in the comments to this post, and keep it relatively clean. Good luck everyone!

52 Responses to Caption Contest 37: A Thanksgiving pie of … ?

  1. Whit says:

    Oh, Mommy, it looks so yummy and… fluorescent!

  2. John says:

    “Mom! That cabbage pie needs a handle!”

  3. DJ says:

    1. “Wow! I get to eat the cabbage handle this year! Golly gee thanks mom!”

    2.”Aww thanks mom. You know I love my meat slathered in the blood of innocent children!”

  4. Loki says:

    1.Yay! its radioactive meatloaf!

    2.there are times I love being a meatloaf, so many hot moms leaning over me.

  5. Koractu says:

    1. “Since they built that nuclear power plant next door everything from our garden looks so yummy!”
    2. “The new hyper-microwave is great! It just took 5 seconds!”
    3. “I just love turkey á la Curie!”

  6. DJ says:


  7. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    1. KITTY!

  8. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    2. Who gets the last laugh NOW Mr. Gobbles?!?

  9. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    3. That looks delicious, Mum! But how will we explain Bobby’s disappearance to his parents?

  10. God Of Plague says:

    Wow A hamster of my very own. I will love him and hug him and gobble him to pieces.

    Meat meet my teeth! Get in my belly!
    Stuffing and Cranberry Jelly!

    Wow mommy it’s only half as burnt as last year.

  11. Collex says:

    1. My mom told me to be a nice meatloaf. Why didn’t I listen to her!?

    2. Mom, why is your hand so HUGE???

  12. Kaiju says:

    Wow! I never knew hansel smeled so good!

  13. Kaiju says:

    Wow! I never knew hansel smeled so good!

  14. Ian says:

    1. Mommy! Is that your placenta?

    2. Oh boy! A great big steaming pile of roasted OATMEAL!

    3. Thank you SO much for changing my bedpan, Mommy!

  15. Whit says:

    2) It’s Shake ‘N Fake, and I helped!

  16. DJ says:

    (Out of topic. Are you posting the winner of last weeks today?)

  17. tristan says:

    1. wow! gammar radiated jelly

  18. Rick says:

    1] What big… hey that’s Daddy’s mitten isn’t it!

    2) Put it down and back away. BACK AWAY!

    3) Wow ma! You really busted your ass this time!

  19. Tinith says:

    1. My what big hands you have mummy.

    2. Oh wow, my food glows! Best day ever!

    3. Aw my baby brother is do cute.

  20. Tinith says:

    (Accursed typo should read as:
    3. Aw my baby brother is so cute.)

  21. jude says:

    Mom,what have you done to buster

  22. jude says:

    did our dog help make this

  23. jude says:

    meatloaf talking: “Oh no, joey warned me about this.”

  24. Meg says:

    1. Mommy, have you seen the dog– OHH!!

    2. Awwwwwww, shoot, Mom! We’ve had fire and brimstone two Thanksgivings in a row now!

    3. Wow, mom! You got that great Soylent Green turkey like last Thanksgiving!… Where’s Billy?

  25. Scorpidius says:

    Wow, lets give mom a big hand!!. . . . . oh wait!

  26. C. Yusuf Mumtaz says:

    Nuts… everyone else beat me to the punch with what I wanted to say… I guess it was kind of obvious…

  27. Kaldath says:

    Greet big globs of greasy grimy gofer guts, mutilated monkey meat, itty bitty bird feet … Thats what we have for lunch!!!

  28. marx says:

    My Grandma, what big HANDS you have!

  29. John D says:

    1. Oooo yummy! Daddy DID come home for the holidays!!!

    2. (from the pan) “Tonight on Tales from the Crypt.”

    3. (looking at greasy pan) Grease is the word…have you’s got groove…it’s got feeeling…..”

  30. Bael says:

    Mom! It’s trying to say something!

  31. Jester says:

    1. Yay! With the energy this ultra-nutritious molten substance, I will be able to enslave the souls of my classmates! Thank you, Mommy!
    2. Wow, Mommy! Its toxic AND dangerously unstable!
    3. I’m so glad you used the Betty Crocker recipe… But what are we gonna tell her folks?

  32. Whit says:

    3) Yay, roast beast!

  33. Frankie says:

    “Dammit! Shut up everyone. I’m glazed ham, not meatloaf!”

  34. Frankie says:

    “Hey! Where’s the cream filling?”

  35. Vengeance says:

    Is it…Is it who hash , stew and roast beast

    What do ya think now Marcia. Marcia. Marcia..

    I know i said I would eat you last . I lied..

  36. D says:

    (pan) “Wow! Right now you like me! You really like me!”

  37. Ballin' Boy says:

    1. Yay.
    I was hoping for
    “yellow cake” but this
    is great

  38. Ballin' Boy says:

    sorry about that post, I was trying something

  39. Ballin' Boy says:

    Bobby was wrong you do love me.

  40. Ballin' Boy says:


  41. MacDean says:

    1. “So THAT”S where Fido went! Boy, I sure am glad that he finally turned up!”

    (This one is from my mom):
    2″Mummy, you didn’t burn it this time!”

  42. Troggy says:

    1: Excellent! All is going according to plan…

    2: Another few minutes and we may have a diamond!

    3: Is it soup yet?

    (God help you if you recognize that 3rd one…)

  43. Mr. Ishee says:

    1.Muhahahaha, after I have eaten this meatloaf the World will be mine!!!!!!!

    2.Oh mom i look like alice of alice and wonderland! Wait a minute, has this meatloaf got mushrooms in?

    3.WOW, It’s…..flying! you don’t even have you hands on it!

    4.Wow, your hands are so big! and so are your breasts!

  44. mrwolfe says:

    1. “Braaaaains…”
    2. “It got being spinach, give me pop-eyes.”
    3. “Oh my god, Barbara! It’s so delicous! And if you buy now, you’ll get a second meat loaf baking oven FOR FREE!”

  45. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    1. Oh Mommy thank you, BrainLoaf is my favorite!


    3. Mommy did you cook daddy like you promised!!!???

  46. Collex says:

    3) Wow, Grandpa never looked so good!

    You,re a little bit late Thanksgiving Jeff! Here in Canada, we had it a month ago. lol.

  47. Mark says:

    And the new world record at 12 kurics is… (this requires you to remember that one south park episode with the worlds largest poop)

  48. HalLoweEn JacK says:

    @Troggy: Hagar the Horrible?

  49. hookman says:

    Know I just need someone to dislocate my jaw so I can eat it all in one bite!

  50. Niall Mor says:

    “. . . and four and twenty blackbirds baked into a pie.” Oh look, Mommy! One’s still moving!

  51. MontanaPlayer says:

    Meat! Meat for the Beast! Praise Baphomette! (for any Clive Barker fans out there…)

  52. johnathon says:

    dont touch that lil girl its hot and your mom was looking at you like touch it i dare you and you anit goin to the doctor lol jk people jk