Guns guns and more guns

"Hey, nice guns!" she said admiringly.
"Thanks!" I replied, flexing my biceps.
"No, idiot, the guns you spent all day drawing."

So since she didn't really want to look at my guns, I now inflict them on you. Flex flex.


21 Responses to Guns guns and more guns

  1. Nice, Very very nice!!!

  2. Cool. They look good! When you do boots, how about adding swim fins like the S.E.A.L.S. use.

  3. Are you familier with biometal79 on deviant art?


  5. Oh hells ya those look cool! How long did it take you to draw them with such detail?

  6. @LoneWolf — no, what is biometal79?

    @GreenBat — I’ll try. If you have a link to an image that would be great!

    @DJ — glad ya like it!

    @hookman — that whole set of items took all day. I cheat, though — I find an image online, paste it into Flash, and trace it there. Still very tedious though. I wish I were a good enough weaponsmith to come up with them all on my own.

  7. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    Actually, on the giant revolver, It looks kind of odd having only three barrels near the base, but having six openings at the end. Maybe show at least a sliver of the ones behind the front three?

  8. You mean the chain gun? The revolvers I’m talking about are like 6 shooter revolvers.

  9. If you mean the chain gun, that’s from an actual reference photo. I don’t know what happens to the bullets and what tubes they go down, but that’s what the gun looks like.

  10. I just noticed that you have Ronon’s Gun from Stargate Atlantis .. That one and the two Rifles on the top are my favorites

  11. Danny like guns. Danny friend of draw-man.

  12. LoneWolf, I looked up biometal79, his stuff is awesome! I think the big image of reference I based some of the guns off of is his, although I didn’t know it at the time — I just did a Google Image search for guns.

  13. Avatar William A. Peterson

    That’s a “Gatling Gun” (sometimes also called a MiniGun), not a “Chain Gun”! (Chain Guns have but one barrel…)
    And, it’s six barrels (sometimes seven) all the way through…
    The other three might be lost to perspective, but they’re still there!
    (Not that I’m a Gun Nut, or anything…)

  14. Look at that pages.
    Tons of another rayguns.

  15. Jeff, very classy work on some very serious firepower. But I was hoping to make a request: can you add an oldie, but a reliable, self-loading, semi-automatic, preferred weapon of WW2 servicemen goodie? The M1 Garand.

    Thank you.

    (I should add that I had posted this before, but the site must not have complied as I included a link to Wikipedia for the M1 Garand. Sorry then if this double posts.)

  16. I think I already have one of those in the Expansion Pack, Joshua, and if so it’ll be easy enough to add.

  17. Sweet!

  18. Any modern gun set needs something like the FN P90.

  19. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Look for the P90 under Expansion1!

  20. Just think of what the lessons you have learned here will make Heromachine 3.