Warrior Mini guns preview

I've been working on the HM Modren Warrior Mini all day, and have the first five hand-held items ready to roll. Here's a sneak preview:


I'm running into some difficulties with masking -- the shoulder stock on the bottom left gun, for instance, looks weird when masked by the hand. Not sure how to fix that yet, or if I can given the way it's all built. But it's a neat looking gun, you have to give me that!

Also, if you look closely you can see I stole the top three items from Caption Contest prizes. Can you tell which?

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  1. I’d love to see more high tech looking weapons like the lower left hand gun. If you need some inspiration you should take a look through the pages of any of the Rifts RPG books. ( I can scan a few Gun photos from said books and email them if you like ). I’d also love to see your interpretation of classic Sci-Fi melee weapons such as Vibro Blades and Plasma axes Etc.

  2. Anything you wanted to send me would be awesome, Kaldath. Thanks!

  3. Nice blade! love the blood stain(im guessing its meant to be a blood stain) The guns are very well done. Especially the one on the bottom left. Cant wait for the new mini keep up the good work.

  4. I thought the upper right blade looked shattered, actually.

  5. It’s bloooood baby! Or shattered if you think that’s cooler. I’m not proud.

  6. Right then, Hope you don’t mind a lot of images emailed your way then ( I have A LOT of books to work with here 😉 ) Working on it now

  7. Nice touch with the blood. It makes the knife look lived in, so to speak.

  8. Hephaestian had the wrench.

    Vampire Pirate had the bloody sword.

    And I believe it was either Patriot that had that pistol though The Marshall had one similar.

  9. Avatar William A. Peterson

    I hope you’re doing “Modern Warriors”, and not “Modren Warriors”!
    The pictures look nice, so far…

  10. If you need rayguns look at this page.
    Great ideas for sci fi pistols…

  11. i do agree with Kaldath, some hi tech or even Sci Fi guns would be greatly appriciated

  12. Thanks for the link, Fabien!

  13. I will continue to look through my Rifts book for additional weapons and Other equipment I think look particularly High Tech and scan them off and email them to you Jeff

  14. Awesome, thanks Kaldath.

  15. Something else I just thought of. In HM 2.5 you have retractable Wolverine style claws which are nice, but There are other styles of retractable blades I’d like to see. A retractable Knife blade in a Guantlet or bracer would be nice as well as some different types of forearm and elbow blades! Look up images of the Anime Series Guyver for an example of nice looking retractable elbow/forearm blades

  16. Here is a like to a good image of Guyver 1


  17. Cool, added the Guyver blade image to the reference library. I’ll try to get it in, probably in Gloves.