Aaaaaand we're back

Massive apologies to everyone for the Epic Fail over the last three days of the site. Suffice it to say, everything's working now, with one small change -- you once again can only vote on each poll once. I think that's basically what was hosing the site, combined with the massive failure of the MySQL servers from my host. The latter issue either contributed to, caused, or hid the previous one, otherwise I'd have had it all back up much sooner.

Thanks to Ryan C. at for finally calling me and hipping me to what the problem was. Hopefully we can get back to normal around here now.

11 Responses to Aaaaaand we're back

  1. I tried to follow the instructions and emailed the webhost or whatever but it said it got “delayed” so I don’t know. GLAD ITS UP!

  2. Welcome back!

  3. Thanks guys, it was very frustrating, I appreciate y’all sticking around.

  4. Where would we go without you? 😛

  5. Avatar Ashton Thomas

    That was ridiculous. Just because of that, I’m no longer going to be a user of this site. IM PISSED!

  6. I’m just glad you weren’t taken over by brain-sucking aliens or something, cause that would, y’know… suck. 😀

    Too bad I don’t get to vote-whore my creations in the Patriot contest though. 🙁

  7. So when is the next Caption Contest?

  8. Next caption contest will be on the regularly scheduled Tuesday morning.

  9. Avatar Ashton Thomas

    I was kidding Jeff. This is still the best blog ever.

  10. Welcome back Jeff.