Random Panel: Great comics ideas that never happened


6 Responses to Random Panel: Great comics ideas that never happened

  1. Avatar DJ says:

    Thats looks awesome! Reminds me of a line from Lords of Dogtown.

  2. Avatar John says:

    …is it appropriate to note that “Milk” has some nice “jugs?”


    Oh well.

  3. Avatar Whit says:

    Cookies has chipples.

  4. Avatar HeroComplex says:

    it’s funny how “Milk” makes “Cookies” all soggy
    if this was a movie, she’d give me the opposite reaction…

    yeah, I think I’ll go see a priest now

  5. Avatar Aulianas Telus says:


    kid-friendly ad my arse.

    And of all the aisles to be rushing down, why the cereal aisle? And why are there cereals named:

    “Whiskey” Cereal (Warning: You might not remember post-breakfast time.)

    Soapo Cereal (We make you squeaky clean… and then roll around on the floor, dying, because soap is poison.)

    Plop Tarts. (Really? PLOP Tarts?)

    Goat Bran?

    ….. and why does it say that it is the Cereal and Real Estate Aisle?