Caption Contest 18: Three guys walk into hell …

Come up with the best caption for this random comic book panel and win your very own custom black and white illustration of whatever you like (within reason)!


To recap, the rules are:

  1. Keep it clean — submissions should be appropriate for a broadcast TV sitcom.
  2. No more than three entries per person.
  3. Leave your entry in the comments to this post.

Good luck everyone!

64 Responses to Caption Contest 18: Three guys walk into hell …

  1. You will seat us! Regardless of my lack of a chain tie!

  2. Jim, I told ya, you gotta be careful with that gas grill, dude.

  3. American Gothic, millenium edition.

  4. Someone call a babysitting service?

  5. We are so not in Kansas anymore.

    Hey your snake is eyeballing me again!

    GWAR rocks dudes!!!!!!

  7. And it burns, burns, burns. The ring of fire, the ring of fire!

  8. Soup’s on! Watch out, it’s a little hot!

  9. 1) We are the Three Amigos!

    2) Do ya’ll smell barbeque in here?

    3) No, I’m not that type of “flamer”.

  10. Demonic Aquaman costume: $100. Cow skull for a head: $95. Dancing perfectly to Thriller: Priceless.

  11. Avatar Ashton Thomas

    -Dudes, we totally look like the guys off of WoW.
    -What costumes?
    -Alright, quiet down people. The villans annonymous meeting is now in session…

  12. Excuse me, but we need a fourth for a game of bridge. Mind if we take you?

  13. Avatar The Doomed Pixel

    1) …Definately worth the five dollars.

    2) Hi, my name is Phil, and I divided by zero.

    3) This hurts like hell….no pun intended.

  14. 1. Hi. You call about a chimney sweep?

    2. Well you see..we were the original Three Musketeers but we were sent to hell after beating those poser MOUSEketeers

    3. What do you mean we arent aloud in the club?

  15. Avatar Mike Buchan

    1.) What do you mean, no smoking!?!

    2.) Nicholas Cage, party of three, please.

    3.) Do you accept travelers checks?

  16. Avatar Wild Ferret King

    Worst. Vacation. EVER.

  17. 1) Now where in Hell did I park that car?

    2) You guys are just jealous because I’m hot.

    3) Jerry… go get the hose!

  18. 1. Okay which one of you guys brought the marshmallowa?

    2. Wait this wasn’t supposed to be a barbecue?

    3. You guys better not ruin my yearbook picture this year!

  19. 1. “Hello, we’d like to talk to you about accepting Jesus Christ into your life.”

    2. “Pestilence is home sick, so we’re just the Three Horsemen of the Apocalypse tonight.”

    3. “It’s…” (cue Monty Python theme music)


  20. 1.)Damn, is everyone hot or just me
    2.)dude, I look soooo much cooler then you all.

  21. Duuude, I am sooo lit.

  22. 1.Super cool wavy text bubble attack, GO!


    3.*sigh* Way to go, Ted. “Hey, guys, let’s become lawyers! It’ll be fun!” Hmph.

  23. “I…, am Sparticus”

  24. 1)shhh.. chewbacca is sleeping if wake him up he´ll eat me

    2) rick where the hell did u leave my parking keys?

  25. “Look. If you can think of a better way to tell which way the wind is blowing, be my guest.”

  26. terry hasha you like always do this i like told to make left turn in the inbetween but nooooo

  27. 1. So which one of us are you picking to take on another date?

    2. I really want to kill that Jeff Probst. At the last tribal council he tried to extinguish me!

    3. I think we have a chance to win Celebrity Fit Club: Villan Editon!

  28. Um.. okay guys, it was me… I let the silent but deadly one… you didn’t have to do this tho’!

    Next time I tell you to light one… DON’T

  29. Avatar Danny Beaty

    No, Reverend Falwell, you didn’t end up in the wrong place.

  30. does this fire make me look fat?

  31. 1) Run!! Its the Flaming Hobo from Cloverfeild!!!!!!

    2) What happens when you do drugs

    3)Dude! your fire!
    Its a Flesh wound……..

  32. Avatar Darkplanet01

    Wow, these lawyer costumes are real life-like!

  33. Yeah hi, uh… we’re with the band.

  34. 1) What are YOU laughing at?
    2) but you know what really burns my ass?…
    3) …I mean, whats wrong with britney?

  35. We were told there would be cake.

  36. 1) “I am NOT ordering flambe anything again!”
    2) “Would you like fried with your hamburger?”
    3) “I said turn on the LIGHT, not the LIGHTER.”

  37. 1. “Would you like to buy some cookies?”


    3. “Hello, we’re with… er… Jehovah’s Witness and we’d like to talk about YOUR eternal da… uh… salvation!

  38. #1. the voices in our heads told us to do it!
    #2. God sent us to tell you he still loves you regardless of whats been told.
    #3.Hi, we told heaven that we were witches.

  39. “Hi. Um…We ran out of gas about….half a mile down the road, could we um, use your phone?”

  40. Would some one turn on the air conditioning… Please!

  41. Avatar Darkplanet01

    Next time I’ll remember to slip, slop and slap.

  42. Avatar Timebuster

    Stop drop roll! Stop drop roll!

  43. Um, did you see a bunch of horses go by? We seem to have misplaced our rides…

  44. Avatar Timebuster

    It’s seems I have spontaneously combusted…may I borrow your pants?

  45. Avatar Timebuster

    Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning!

  46. Avatar Master Spider

    Hmmm, I smell something burning.

  47. 1.That aint no sunburn, THIS is a sunburn!

    2.NO you cant sit around me telling each other ghost stories!
    3.Hellrider…i am your father!

  48. Avatar JonnyDemon

    hello ladies

  49. Avatar JonnyDemon

    who has the smores

  50. Avatar JonnyDemon

    this is my brother daryll,and my other brother daryll

  51. Flame on! Crap! Flame off!

  52. What do you mean “no smoking”?

  53. Avatar Darkplanet01

    And you wanted me to quit smoking because of lung cancer…

  54. 1. Trick or treat.
    2. Do you think I’m hot?
    3. Oh CRAP! I got burninated by Trogdor.

  55. Leave Britney alone.

  56. Hot enough for ya? Huh? Heh. Get it, guys? Heh heh.

  57. No, sir, we are not another doom metal band.

  58. I always LOVE w
    atching the midnight shows……

    Oh, this isn’t Burger King?

    We’re the Grim Repear’s.., I mean Grim Readers Storykeepers, We came to take your Uhh…. Books!!! Yea Books, So if you would step out the house for a second….

  59. 1.Darn…I knew that we shoud have taken a left and not trod the sign that said “bewere ye head shall go a flame.”

    2.see guys! I told you I could make a better Ghost Rider costome…OH GOD MY HEADS ON FIRE PUT IT OUT! PUT IT OUT!

  60. Avatar Ballin' Boy

    1. Hello there that’s Curly, and I’m Moe. Together me and these wiseguys make up the eXtreme 3 Stooges. Nyuk, Nyuk Nyuk

    2. …so if you’re suffering from any of these symptoms. Uncontrollable giddiness, hair loss, or a slight burning sensation on the affected area please see your local physician

    3. Yo.

  61. Avatar Ballin' Boy

    meant to say

    Hello there, that’s Loop Larry, that’s Crazy Curly, and I’m Malicious Moe. Together me and these wiseguys make up the eXtreme 3 Stooges. Nyuk, Nyuk Nyuk

  62. uuummm…hi, we’re here to audition for Grease 2…

  63. haha ^^ nice, is there a section to follow the RSS feed

  64. Yes, each category has an RSS feed in the right-hand column.