I won something!

With many thanks to Johanna Draper-Carlson, the commenters both here and at ComicsWorthReading.com, and the other entrants, I am delighted to have been chosen as the winner of the "Men of the DC Universe" Poster Contest. Thanks everyone, especially to Johanna for coming up with such a fun idea in the first place. Being the "I am the crappiest artist ever" type of artist rather than the "I am Lord of All Creation" type, this meant a lot to me.

3 Responses to I won something!

  1. Avatar Richard Tale


  2. Who da man? Who da man? YOU da man! Waytago, Jeffrey!

  3. Avatar Denise Adams

    Awesome, Jeff!! You are so creative and so talented!! Much deserved. If only I’d kept that Spiderman you did on the Etch-a-Sketch…