Barbarian tracker

I thought you might like to see the latest illustration I did for Jeff Mejia's "World of Broadsword" expansion. The spec was:

I'm thinking American Indian features without the American Indian accoutrement's
dark weathered skin. bald or scalp lock like a Pawnee warrior or Yul Brynner in Taras Bulba see pics
for weapons : primitive but exotic- Egyptian style axe/mace, boar spear, big ass hunting knife, short bow
clothing hide armor. leather with steel refinements maybe parts taken from legionnaires armor. not too constricting though. sturdy belt for knife, pouch, hand axe, etc.
pose: maybe crouching as if following a trail. in hot pursuit.

And here's the final illustration:

Indian style barbarian

6 Responses to Barbarian tracker

  1. Avatar Ashton Thomas

    That is an absolutely amazing piece of artwork, great job Jeff!

  2. And after a hard day of tracking he goes to his favorite nearby punk dance club where they have some really awesome raves. 🙂

  3. Jeff, one has to ask, when you do these custom illustrations, with their specialized unique items, do you ever feel like adding those items to HeroMachine?

  4. Yes Brad, I definitely do think that. And on occasion have captured items into the program. If there’s another expansion there’s a good chance that Egyptian axe will make it in, for instance.

  5. Glad to hear it! ^_^ And I hope to see them soon. That style of armor plating wouldn’t be terrible either… something held on by the armor sleeve and a belt, or that particular style on its own… well, it seems I’m brainstorming for you.

  6. That’s some kind of awesome, Jeff. It’s got a real Arak, Son of Thunder vibe to it. I LOVE Arak, Son of Thunder.