Multiple items in multiple components

I just finished duplicating some of the more common components into other slots, and created this preview character showing three different Coat items (one in Coats, one in Overshirt, and one in Undershirt) and two Companions (one in the Back slot and one in Tail). Should be fun!


5 Responses to Multiple items in multiple components

  1. Most impressive! I can’t wait to use this!

  2. Wow that looks so cool!, However, could you also post an example with the trenchchoat and a suit, that is the combo that i’m dying to know how it looks.

  3. how come i can’t find this stuff in the expantion slots? is it up for everyone, or just you for the moment?

  4. Magnifico, they’re not released yet — I am still working on them. Hopefully they’ll be up next week.

  5. hve thoght of a new pose like “monster” or somethnig?