Random: Idiots

Flying saucers

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  1. OK. What the heck is that from?

  2. That is the introductory splash page to “Coyote”, issue 9, which involves raven-headed Venusians who take out half of their victims’ brains in an effort to take over the Earth. Appropriately enough, the half-brains generally sign up for the free-sex love-ins on Venus thrown by the raven-heads and aliens. With people that stupid, frankly we deserve to get taken over.

    I just love the dialog on this image, from the raven to the yellow editor notes, it’s just classic. The half-brain Sly adds just that little extra bit of completely demented inanity that pushes the whole thing right over the edge. Classic!

  3. THIS WEBSITE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cant even print the hero thingy out properly!!!!!!!!!!!!! or make a boy… how sexist is that????

    AND…. the colours are ………….. HIDEOUSE!!!!!!!!

    ok thtas all ive got to say….

    oh and… ppl who use this website need to get a life reallly desperately!!!!!!!!

    HAve a good day=)

  4. Andy, how appropriate you would make this comment on a post about idiots with half a brain. Perhaps you recognized yourself?

    Use the Print button within the application and it should print fine. Barring that you can do a screen capture and paste it into an image editor where you can crop, rotate, color, and do whatever else you like.

    If you don’t care for the 140+ pre-set color swatches, you can always mix your own in the custom color area. If you are incapable of creating a color there that isn’t “hideouse” (interesting spelling there) then I would respectfully suggest that perhaps the thing that sucks is on the other side of the keyboard …

    Finally, you are one of the people using this website, which would suggest perhaps that you should spend some time in quiet reflection about your own life or lack thereof.