The proto match is a game wherein players select their match (2~10 matches) and surmise the normal outcome host group win and draw, lose the two groups under and over. Domestic and abroad soccer, baseball, is delivered for volleyball. In models for deciding match results. In 프로토 the Soccer, from the beginning of the game to the furthest limit of the last part barring extra time and punishment shootouts. Baseball and Basketball and Volleyball, from the beginning of the game to the furthest limit of the last game. It is expected for significant games held at home and abroad as well as games facilitated by associations assigned by the regulation, like soccer, ball, baseball, and volleyball.

Inside the hit determination, all the effects of the chosen match are considered hits, and how many hits are determined by duplicating the triumphant chances (the result of the right game chances) and how many individual votes.

How to play Proto?

  • It is a round of speculating the normal aftereffect of the chosen target match (2-10).
  • General. A technique for anticipating the host group’s success/draw/misfortune result
  • Handicap. A strategy for foreseeing and speculating the host group win/draw/misfortune results mirroring the condition (handicap) given ahead of time
  • Undercover. A strategy for anticipating whether the complete objectives scored by the two groups are not exactly (under) or more noteworthy (over) than the recommended standard worth
  • It is beyond the realm of possibilities to expect to buy an overall success/misfortune/handicap/undercover type blend for a similar objective match.

Match result determination criteria.

  • Soccer. From the beginning of the game to the furthest limit of the last part (barring extra time and punishment shootouts)
  • Baseball and Basketball and Volleyball. From the beginning of the game to the furthest limit of the last game (counting additional time)

How to determine a hit?

The match consequence of the chosen match is considered a hit, and the hit is determined by increasing the hit chances by the singular vote sum. The chances of a hit are the result of the chances of the chosen match, gathered together to the second digit after the third decimal spot. A charge isn’t exacted on the off chance that the triumphant chances are multiple times or less and the discount is 2 million won or less, or then again assuming the discount is 100,000 won or less no matter what the hit chances.

Hit special and release invalid.

  • Hit exemption. On the off chance that a piece of the chosen target match isn’t held or the match result can’t be affirmed regardless of whether it is held, the match will be handled 1.0 times.
  • Game Cancellation. On the off chance that a match is dropped, win/misfortune/misfortune, and under/over chances of the match are treated as 1.0 times. (If the aftereffects of even one of the chosen matches are affirmed, the democratic privileges will be treated as legitimate).
  • Void sale (refund). Discounts will be made when all chosen matches are dropped.


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