Re: Ximero’s House of Cards



Hi again, Ximero here, back for a quick word on the resource cards.

The Witchworld gameverse, just as the storyverse it is based on, runs on MIST (Mentally Interactive Subatomic Technology — acronym reads may vary depending on who you ask), a revolutionary trans-organic metalloid substance making up virtually everything across the World Federation, from infrastructure to citizens. Those opposing the Federation claim the Mist to be a most potent mind-altering dumbing-down drug, or demonic technology devouring users’ souls, or both.

Within the game, in the interest of fairness and gameplay diversity, i have chosen to have all types of Characters and items use one of four types of Mist:


As we shall see in a subsequent post, there are 8 Playable Character ‘classes’ in the game, each 2 as sub-branches of one of the 4 main ontological groups: Corpus, Animus, Spiritus and Occultus. This 4-fold structure corresponds to the 4 Mist types above (red, green, blue and gold/orange, respectively), but also to the in-story political factions (The Turner Federation, the Hidden Nation, the Floating Worlds and the Walking Shadows) and to the types of equippable background items (urban, natural, technological and mystical). As such, the Player is never confused as to which Character or item works with what type of energy (Mist), and has the strategic choice between staying loyal to a single colour to capitalise on resource-gathering speed or assembling ‘rainbow’ decks to capitalise on various synergies.

On their turn, Players draw two Mist cards from the specific pack (except for the first turn, when every Player draws three) and will proceed to invest the obtained red/green/blue/orange energy points into abilities or equipping items as they see fit. Certain items or Character abilities (and especially the habitat synergies between Characters and backgrounds) may provide bonus draws, i.e. additional energy, each turn. Thus, cultivating such synergies while disrupting those of their opponents’ will constitute a staple of any Player’s winning strategy.