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So now, my first alien species, the foremost hostile extraterrestial conquerors to try and conquer earth, the Flathonians!!
The Flathonians come from the planet of Flatha. Their origins are much in dispute, but most people agree that they were not native to the Jupiter-sized planet named Flatha.
General Reputation:
They are considered to be a proud and powerful race, feared through the universe.
Unique Features:
The average Flathonian is much stronger than the average human, and can breathe in outer space, as well as survive in water for nearly one day without having to surface to breathe. Flathonians are unique in the aspect that once they reach a specific age, they cannot change their skills, nor acquire new ones. This age may vary from person to person. The average lifespan is nearly 180 years, though certain Flathonians may live up to 400+ years.
Social Life:
There are two main castes of the Flathonians- the Buha and Arkot. The Buha are the lower class, usually warriors. The Arkot, meanwhile, are the higher class, usually nobles or priests.
Their current monarch is Z’lok the Mighty, known as the Golden Immortal and the Father of Flatha. He is nearly 370 years old, one of the oldest Flathonians. He is also one of the rare Flathonians gifted with the power of energy manipulation and flight. He is the father of the Knomana Drivir, his fearsome seven children. He spend most of his time in the Chamber of Secrets, his throne and symbol of office. About him says the ancient Extherium:
“…So, the Father of Flatha indulged his appetite for power within his Chamber of Secrets, while his Knomana Drivir [Seven Children] plundered the cosmos, stealing her jewels in his accursed name. And he laughed and lounged within his Chamber, and his laugh was such that the Goliath that stood sentry outside his Chamber shuddered in fear, almost toppling the entire residence of the Emperor… And then Z’lok whispered from within his Chamber, calming the Goliath so it once more sat still like a satisfied child. For his tongue is both hard as a diamond, and soft as it’s lure…”
Knomana Drivir:
The seven fearsome children of Z’lok. For now, the only ones known to us, are the first and third eldest, Z’lak and Z’lir, respectively.
The FLathonian Invasion:
The legendary Flathonian Invasion on Earth was perhaps the greatest conflict seen by both forces. Since Earth was a Deglanir (Flathonian term for world with superhumans on it), the Flathonians, led by Z’lak had to eventually retreat when their greatest weapon, the Flathonian Cannon, was rendered useless. Former Elite member of the Army of Z’lak, Vun Dar prided himself on his undying loyalty to Z’lak. But when an attack on earth failed, and Z’lak escaped in his ship, leaving Vun Dar and his fellow warriors behind, he swore revenge on his former master. Brokering a truce with the heroes of Earth, Vun Dar now leads his warriors in a team known as the Nightwatchers, adopting the English variable of his name, Demolisher.
So far, the only Human-Flathonian hybrid to be seen is Vord. Son of Demolisher and a human woman, Vord has the rare Flathonian gift possessed by a few Flathonians of energy manipulation and being able to float mid air. These gifts are also possessed by Flathonian warlord, Z’lak, making Demolisher believe that his son is destined to defeat him.The word ‘Vord’ means ‘He who lives’ or ‘He who cherishes’ in Flatha, the Flathonian tongue. Being half human makes Vord much less resilient than his full blooded kin, but it makes him able to improve himself with age, as opposed to most Flathonians who more or less retain same level of attributes throughout their lives.