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Character Contest 66 – Cyborg

CyberPink is part of my official meta-verse. She is under the control of Dr. Menudo, a major villain. Both characters are original to HeroMachine. So, thanks to Jeff for the inspiration.

I like CyberPink’s design all around: her clothes, her prosthetics, and the background. My intent was for her introduction to be a segue. Like the first two minutes of a television show before the opening credits. Personally, I think that I nailed it. Problem is, no producer has yet to call.



Introduction / Segue
“Señora, I normally do not work on living subjects. It is… safer that way.”

“Listen, ‘Doctor’, those bastards took my arm, my ear, my eye… my man, my club, my g..damn bike!”

“What is it you want then? Repairs? I can make you whole but it will be very expensive. How much are you willing to pay?”

“I will pay whatever you want. The whole damn world will pay.”

Dr. Menudo smiled then leaned forward in her office chair. “Very well, Señora, you shall have your revenge.”