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Real name: Dr. Landon Cash
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Alignment: Villain
Affiliations: The Mistakes
Nemesis: Armstrong
Powers/Skills: Nearly indestructible and unmovable, though not particularly strong he makes up for it with sheer ferocity.
Weapon(s): None.

Doctor Landon Cash was originally set to be in charge of a new genetics lab funded completely by Stallion Industries, a research facility that many believed would quickly revolutionize the world of genetics. Especially after rumors leaked about the lab’s first major project… An attempt to use small traces of prehistoric DNA to clone and repopulate species that had been extinct for millions of years. Something many others had attempted before them, but it seemed Dr. Cash had finally succeeded where they had failed.

Just when it seemed like a lifetime of fame and fortune for his research was headed his way, Dr. Cash made a fatal mistake… The final step of his experiment was to simply inject a special mixture of the prehistoric DNA and special chemicals together into an artificial egg that would eventually hatch into a genuine, living dinosaur. The excitement unfortunately proved too much for the doctor, his hands shaking in anticipation of how the world would soon be praising him like a god… One slip of his shaking hand, and the needle pierced his skin instead of the egg.

What happened next is something many scientists claim would have been an even larger scientific breakthrough, if not for the disastrous consequences. The specially treated DNA fused with Landon’s own genetic code, completely mutating him… His body almost tripled in size, his skin turned hard and rough, and his mind and appearance became more and more monstrous. He was now half man, and half dinosaur. His humanity lost out to pure feral instincts as he became a rampaging animal, destroying everything in his path.

Though he holds no grudge against Stallion Industries, instead simply being a force of blind rage and destruction, Jurassic joined up with The Mistakes after the equally massive Monster Truck was able to stand toe to toe with the beast in a brawl, earning the former doctor’s respect and loyalty to The Mistakes.