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Name:The Arachnid
Affiliation: Villain
Traits:Wears a mask with a disturbing face on it to hide his own monstrously deformed mouth and face, Four spider like legs protruding from his back, Regenerative abilities, Venomous blood.
Info:A disturbed man and survivor of the Arachnoid Cellular Reconstruction(Acr) Project. The project had two test groups A and B, both testing what a cocktail of human and spider DNA would do to the human body. The human DNA was extracted from the host, spliced with Three different spiders DNA and then returned to the human host. The Arachnid was one of the Three who survived the experiment, one of the others killed himself and the last one escaped like Arachnid. Arachnid went crazy at the sight of what they had done to him and went on a killing spree in the labs. Eating some of his victims claming that they were his food now. His where about’s is unknown but he is suspected to be somewhere in Hartbourn City. May God have mercy on anyone who gets in his way.