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and final

Name: Kasara Coles
AKA : Machina

Bio: Kasara was one of the Globes top supermodels, until a hover car accident left her horribly disfigured. Seeking to recapture her former beauty and fame she sought out the legendary plastic surgeon”Dr. Cantos”. The doctor restored Kasara to her former self using advanced bio cybernetic implants, he also turned her into his own personal cyborg slave. When the mind control system he implanted in her malfunctioned, Kasara realized what had happened to her. Shocked and horrified she destroyed the Doctor’s secret lab and fled. Kasara became depressed and lonely until a chance meeting with some A-list super villains led to her joining the Doom Cartel , and she discovered that life as a famous super villain was not all that different from being a celebrity.

Special Abilities: Kasara’s cybernetic arms house a variety of fire arms and melee weapons , her legs are also implants that increase her speed and agility, and her skeleton is made of special “nano-metal” which is virtually unbreakable.
Skills: Kasara received advanced subconscious weapons training from Dr. cantos in order to efficiently use her cyborg limbs , this was augmented by The Doom Cartel’s combat training courses.