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Thanks for the welcoming words and the comments , I have to say that considering some of the stuff I have seen all of
you come up with I’m am very flattered by the compliments….

Keric – thanks for the idea man, I have been putting together a mental inventory of playing card terms and will add that
to the list . I am planning allot of twists and turns for the story so there will be a few trump/trick missions in store.

Atomic Punk – I’m glad you’re feeling the cube , I was kinda worried that some people wouldn’t get it , but I should have known better
with this crowd. I will be posting more info on it and what it can do in the Writer’s thread so be looking out for that.

Vampyrist- Not sure who Integra Van Helsing is (please don’t make me turn in my geek card) but I was
going for a cross between Nick Fury and the Baroness from GI Joe so good call on that one.