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AHHHHH!you noticed.It totally sucked I got done and looked it over and I was lovin’ it .I forgot to save the text!!!!so I couldn’t go back and fix it.I was soooo pissed.good eye though.It was the ONLY time I did not save a text file for a charactert!!the onlyYell Freakin’ figures .Anyway you were the first to see that,so cheers!ConfusedOh well, I’ll get over it.
ps.I am really lovin’ your latest creations,so thought out and original.Just all around cool!

@Weilyn said:


Love the priest! My favourite detail is the snake around his boot. The padre’s like, “Yeah, I’ve got a snake around my foot, what of it? You think I give a damn about snakes? I don’t. I punch demons with an axe for a living.”

Red Sparrow is awesome! The pose is great, but in my opinion it’s the fantastic colouration and shading that makes the character. I am going to be kind of a bitch, however, and point out that she’s not really holding on to the bow. Minor nitpick, I know.

Lucky Dawg is just magnificent. Can’t really find any other words than that.

Hope you’ll be back soon! Your creations are simply breathtaking!