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Another hero…
Emily worked for USAID as a humanitarian aid distributor in Uganda when a patrol of The Lords Resistance Army came to the refugee camp looking for young boys and girls. The patrol leader struck Emily and was about to execute her when her GorWol trait manifested and she fought off the guerrilla fighters, saved the refugees and flew away. The battle resulted in the complete destruction of the camp and journalists described it as if a bombshell went off in the camp. Upon her return to the states Emily was approached by Power Stryke and became an associate member of the ISF. Bombshell is an Ergokinetic; she can project energy blasts, absorb various forms of energy to recharge and fly by thrusting the energy beneath her providing lift. She cannot control or shape energy, only project it in the form of blasts. She can convert one type of energy into another, store it within her body, and release it upon command. Her bio-energy makes her faster, more agile, provides quicker reflexes and heal faster than normal humans.