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Harry O’Dell was a tough Mick from Boston living the life of petty criminal and underground cage fighter when his GorWol trait manifested following a nasty beating from the Boston PD. Discovering he was stronger, faster, tougher then others Harry continued fighting in cage matches earning thousands of dollars and even “accidentally” killing a few opponents. When the ISF started gaining attention Harry simply walked up to Vargr just to see how tough Vargr really was and punched him in the face. This led Harry on the path to being a meta criminal as has fought against many members of the ISF (Vargr, Power Stryke, Gunslinger, Bowslinger, Bengal, Dark Weaponeer) but he usually avoids fighting those he knows he can’t beat (Bronco). Harry is a biokinetic and focuses his biokinesis solely to improve his fighting skills. He has faster reflexes, increased speed, heightened endurance and pain tolerance, and heals faster than normal humans. He is an expert in Muay Thai and Pankration, two fighting styles that are vicious and show no mercy which embodies his way of life. Even without shooting energy beams or superhuman strength Hooligan is a dangerous ISF opponent and has killed more ISF members (Tek-Pro, Jaguara) than any other Cabal member. His most prized possession is his BAMF button.