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Nicholas was a police detective in Athens when he was shot multiple times by Greek anarchists during a raid. His GorWol trait saved him and after recovering in the hospital he discovered his powers. He kept them secret and retired under a disability pension. He then started moonlighting as a masked vigilante until Beacon found him. Nicholas decided to become an ISF reserve member so he could stay in his native Greece. Beacon fashioned his armor and power lance. Kataphraktos is a Biokinetic and Electrokinetic. He has increased strength in the 20 ton range, he can fly (200 mph), heals three times faster than normal humans and is resistant to many forms of damage (although not as resistant to negative energy damage and elemental damage). His Obdurium alloy armor increase his durability to attacks and he has an Obdurium alloy shield as well. Kataphraktos can discharge electric bolts from his hands although he needs a specialized conductor to make them powerful. His Power Lance is made of fused Obdurium metals and allows him to project his electric bolts at a distance. He is swifter and has faster reflexes than most Olympic athletes. Kataphraktos is a former police detective and has good investigative skills. He is also a student of modern Pankration. He speaks English, Greek and Turkish.