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Humans have entertained themselves for centuries on stories of fairies, ‘Fairy Tales’ as they call them. But little do they know, the Faeries are not tinkling litle beings with wings, but beings molded from the Old Magick, born from the spasms of the Other Realm. The Faeri are split into 71 clans, each as different as a cat is to a snake.
This is a Bamoori, member of the Earthskein clan of the Faeri. He is strong and powerful, and like most of the Faeri, is attatched to nature. Unlike human belief, the Faeri connection to nature is not entirely benevolent- the Faeri also believe in the laws of nature, such as that the fittest survive, and thus hold great reverence for the fearsome power of nature. Bamoori is nearly thrice as large as a human, and can rip one to pieces with hands alone. Unlike many Faeri clans, the Earthskein do not use Magick, but it is in their blood. Like most Faeri, they are virtually immortal.