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Thanks for the reply Herr! That’s a great idea to fix the pointiness of the elbow haha. I started working around it trying to proportion the arms or elbow and that’s what I ended up with, but it makes a lot of sense to use the lines of the insignia to fix the elbow. :D Thanks for the feedback and advice!


I never thought I’d work out two HM Heroes in one day, but it seems I just had a lot of free time to work today. This is my latest heroine in the group of heroes that I soon plan to come up a story for (Hopefully by this week)! Her name is Princess Serpentina and I will work out the backgrounds and powers of my characters throughout this week as well. I think I’m starting to grasp the idea of highlighting as I feel this is a better example of me attempting highlighting than compared to Cyan Gale, but I have noticed some improvement from there to here. Any feedback and criticism is always appreciated :D Thanks!

Princess Serpentina