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Herr D

It might be harder to make copper-color wings, but the origin story suggests it. The cravings pregnant women get are supposedly caused by the fetus draining copper from the mother. A serum might well increase that tendency, killing or nearly killing the mother as a byproduct or draining it from her already dying body with other nutrients as a way to increase the offspring’s viability. Preemies don’t have a great survival rate if they’re not in the womb upwards of 25 weeks out of the ‘ideal’ 40, last I checked. At 25 weeks, heart and lungs aren’t really ‘open for business’ and may require surgery. Rapid growth to a ‘perfect balance’ having a lasting effect as regeneration? Not a bad approach.
Hot colors go better with copper except for black, gray, white, and some browns. Orange makes him the best target if you want to depend on his regenerative abilities and forget stealth. High contrast might be a blue violet.