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Anyway, this took way longer than it should have, mostly due to me having to look for a job now I’ve finished uni, which is the most soul crushing thing ever. It limits my ‘machining time to just a few hours in the evening, which makes it a bit hard to get much done, especially when you’re redressing and reshading 6 characters and completely redoing the 7th. But I think it was worth it. Oh and I already know who is going to be getting the most comments here, because she is easily the best design of all of them and probably my favourite costume design I’ve done since Mr. E last summer.
But that’s enough blabbering from me, here’s the finale to my Pride redesigns, the group shot.

From Left To Right:
Chance- Gay
Nike- Bisexual
R-Gen- Lesbian
Enabler- Ally
White Lie- Questioning
Double Trouble- Intersex
Shift- Transgender